GFA Safeguarding Unit train Young Players on safer football space

3 weeks ago

The Ghana Football Association (GFA), in alignment with FIFA and the Confederation of African Football (CAF), has taken a significant step towards ensuring the safety and well-being of young football players in the country through the establishment of a dedicated Safeguarding Unit.

The GFA Safeguarding Unit is tasked with the crucial role of implementing and overseeing measures and the use of the Toolkit to protect young athletes from harm and to promote a safe environment for their development in football.

As part of this initiative, the GFA's Safeguarding Unit recently organized a comprehensive training session for the Black Starlets, Ghana's national U17 team, as part of their preparations for the WAFU Zone B U17 Tournament.

All of the team's officials and players attended this workshop, which focused on how important it is to give young football players a safe and encouraging atmosphere.

The importance of safety in football was highlighted to the participants during the training session.

Participants were also educated on the different kinds of abuse and neglect that young athletes could experience and the damaging effects it could have on their growth.

In order to prepare players and officials to take appropriate action in the event of abuse or neglect, the training also included vital information on the proper routes for reporting such instances.

WAFU Zone B Safeguarding Officer, Mr. Sinko, has endorsed the GFA Safeguarding programme and has emphasised how it complies with sub-regional safeguarding requirements.

The program, which has received  sub-regional approval, further demonstrates the GFA's dedication to upholding the highest standards of player care and protection

The GFA has planned comparable safeguarding training sessions for other youth clubs in Ghana's football regions, in addition to the training for the Black Starlets. By reaching a larger audience, these initiatives hope to instill safety values in young football players at all levels.

Under the slogan "BUILDING A SAFER FOOTBALL SPACE," the safeguarding campaign seeks to raise awareness and mobilise support for the creation of a supportive and safe environment for all young football players in Ghana. The GFA is committed to creating a culture of safety, respect, and support among football players through this programme.

The GFA reiterates its dedication to the whole development of young athletes, making sure they can follow their love of football in a safe and encouraging setting.

It will be recalled that the Safeguarding Officers of the GFA, Obed Tuffour and Bernice Bempa, trained and were also with the players and officials of the boys and girls U15 school teams that participated in the WAFU B African Schools Football Championship last November in Lome, Togo.