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Founded in 1957, the Ghana Football Association (GFA) is the game's governing body in Ghana. 

It is a representative democracy, and is the umbrella organisation for all football clubs and other interest groups in the country.

The GFA is responsible for overseeing, promoting and developing Ghana football at all levels, from grassroots through to the professional game.

Our main objectives, enshrined in our statutes, are to develop football around the country, to organize domestic competitions and to protect the integrity of football (against match manipulation, doping etc.).

Our other aims are to deal with all questions relating to Ghana football, to promote football in a spirit of unity, solidarity, peace, understanding and fair play, without any discrimination on the part of politics, race, religion, gender or any other reason, to safeguard the values of the game, maintain relations with all stakeholders involved in Ghana football, and support and safeguard our members for the overall well-being of the  game in the country.

By far Ghana's biggest and most important sporting discipline, our passion for the game in Ghana is driven by our desire for success on the pitch.

With this also comes with our focus on developing youth talent while using the game to contribute to society.

GFA is composed of a number of political bodies (such as the Congress and the Executive Council) and the administration. The highest political position is the GFA President, elected every four years by GFA’s members.

The GFA administration, with over 100 people from all parts of the country, is based in Accra. It is run by the General Secretary (CEO).

The GFA stages the Ghana Premier League, the Division One League, the FA Cup, the Super Cup, and the Gala. The women’s competitions like the Women’s League, the Women’s FA Cup and the Women’s Super Cup.

The Division Two, Division Three, and Colts League (juvenile leagues) are run by the Regional FAs.