Shrewsbury boss hits at Asamoah

14 years ago

Shrewsbury manager Gary Peters has launched a scathing attack on departed striker Derek Asamoah.

The League Two outfit reluctantly sold Asamoah to Nice for a £50,000 fee.

Peters claims Asamoah went AWOL from Town so he could join the French side on an initial trial before securing his permanent move to Nice.

"Derek took it upon himself to disappear - there was no permission asked for or given - and we had no knowledge of his whereabouts," said Peters.

"We found out he had gone to Nice, was there on trial and played in a game for them even though he had no clearance from the Football Association, Football League or Shrewsbury Town.

"I spoke to the FA, Football League and Professional Footballers' Association and all agreed he was going to be sacked when he returned and we would hold his registration.

"With him disappearing like that, I think it is better for everyone he goes to another country and he has probably gone in a manner that fits his selfishness.

"He was a selfish player and a selfish person and I have no qualms about Nice illegally trailing him when he should have been with us - if he is not what they think he is then they will have got their just rewards."