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No fair play treat for Ghana

13 years ago

A tale of two national sides and two cities indeed. The feeling might be great in London for the Black Stars who line up against the Super Eagles of Nigeria in Tuesday’s fixture but the same cannot be said for Ghana’s Olympic team as they endure harsh treatment in Ouagadougou.

Fair play sometimes only find its way in the books and certainly in Ouagadougou, the FIFA initiative for the good of the game has no meaning as Ghana’s Olympic team are given a ruthless treatment.

The Olympic team since their arrival in Ouagadougou on Saturday for Wednesday’s first leg qualifier of the 2008 Olympic Games have tasted the ruthless side of their host, Burkina Faso.

Ghana arrived at the border town on Saturday only to meet no official of the host nation. Officials of the Ghanaian team had to use their own bus and navigate their way through town.

After finally establishing contact with their host, Ghana were holed up in a sub-standard hotel which officials protested against but the protestation of the team wasn’t given any considerably hearing.

However, irrespective of the reservations, Ghana is bent on completing their mission in Ouagadougou.

That is to win against the Young Stallions and continue with their progressive march of grapping one of the three tickets available on the continent for the Beijing Games.

The Black Meteors with almost all the squad members having arrived would Tuesday evening have their final training session at the match venue.

The only player yet to join the team is striker, Samuel Yeboah.

The Israeli-based player missed his flight and is expected later in the afternoon before the Black Meteors’ final training session.

And Executive Committee member and head of the team’s management, Randy Abbey says he has been impressed with the level of preparation despite the poor reception accorded the Ghanaian team since their arrival.

Three tickets would be available to next year’s football competition at the Olympic Games from the African continent.