Licence B coaching modules reviewed by CAF– Prof. Joseph Mintah reveals

5 months ago

Technical Director Professor Joseph Kwame Mintah has announced that the Confederation of African football (CAF) has reviewed the content for the license B coaching course from two modules to three modules.

Speaking to in his first interview since his appointment, the former Director of Coaching Education asserted that the Licence B course which had two modules (Theory and Working attachment with a club) initially comprised of 15 days (theory) for the first module and 30 days attachment with a club as the second module.

“CAF have reviewed it, so now they want us to have it in 3 modules, but before the review came into effect, we had already started and finished with module 1 of 15 days for the first batch” Professor Mintah said.

‘’All these courses have to be sent to CAF, the videos, the contents etc. for approval before we can get permission to run each one of them”.

“The 2nd batch that is awaiting, will have it in 3 modules, we will have the first module in 10 days and then go out for attachment for 30 days and come back for 10 days (2nd module) and  go out for another attachment and come back for the final module”.

He also emphasized on the need to provide the right coaching to players at the COLTS and grassroots level who are within the ages of 6-15 years.

“There are about 1700 license D coaches across the nation as training were organized on regional levels to make it easier and affordable for participants''.

‘’These license D Coaches have been equipped with the knowhow to train and develop players at the COLTS level. At the moment, I can assure you that the best football is at the grassroots level and soon and we shall see the results in our junior national teams and our clubs’’ he added.