Executive Council concerned about handling of gate proceeds

2 weeks ago

The Executive Council of the Ghana Football Association, at its 23rd May, 2024 meeting, discussed, among other important issues, the manner in which gate proceeds from Ghana Premier and Division One League matches are handled.

In his submission on the issue, President Kurt Edwin Simeon-Okraku, bemoaned the situation where, at face value, one observed a venue packed with football fans; and yet, when it came to declaration of gate proceeds, the figures presented did not remotely reflect the images observed of physical match attendance.

To the Executive Council, such a situation is illogical and the Council, after deliberating on the issue, decided to adjourn discussion on it so as to allow for further consultations geared towards ensuring that all stakeholders derive equitable income and value from their investment and contribution to the successful organisation of football matches across the length and breadth of the country.

The Council anticipates to take a firm line of action once it receives and reviews relevant reports and perspectives on this observation regarding the handling of gate proceeds.

GFA Communications