Congress approves some articles on last day

14 years ago

Congress of the Ghana Football Association has ended its commemorative two-day session, approving some amendments of the sport body’s regulations.

The session, which gathered the FA’s entire membership, observers, media and other stakeholders started on Wednesday with the honouring of past executive heads while the final day, Thursday, was purely administrative as members completed the remaining business on the agenda.

Certain articles in the FA's regulations proposed for amendment was given Congresses approval while the session deferred discussion of another proposal due to a court injunction filed by a football fan.

However, Articles 37.7, 37.8, 37.9 and 37.10 that deals with protests, appeals and reviews received approval by Congress to be amended.

But the sport body had to leave out any deliberations on Articles 8.8 and 8.9 on the relegation and determination of champions due to the pending court case.