Clarification on the composition of the GFA Ethics Committee

3 years ago

All stakeholders are hereby informed that in accordance with Article 5(1 & 2) of the GFA Code of Ethics (2019) and Section 2, Article 31 of the GFA Code of Ethics(2019), the GFA Ethics Committee is composed as follows:

  1. Investigatory Chamber
  2. Adjudicatory Chamber

Article 5 of the GFA Code of Ethics:

  1. The Ethics Committee shall be composed of an investigatory chamber and an adjudicatory chamber.
  2. Ethics Committee proceedings shall be made up of an investigation and an adjudicatory process.

Section 2, Article 31 of the GFA Code of Ethics(Composition of the investigatory and adjudicatory chambers):

The composition of the investigatory and the adjudicatory chambers shall be in accordance with the GFA Statutes.

In effect, the five-member Ethics Committee is currently operating as a two-chamber committee with the membership constituted as follows:

  2. Dr. Isaac Annan
  3. Mr. Wilfred Neneh Addico


  2. Ms. Phyllis M. Christian, Esq. – Chairperson
  3. Dr. Charles Takyi
  • Mrs. Linda Ofori-Kwafo

All persons bound by the GFA Code of Ethics (2019) are also reminded of their duties as stipulated in Section 5(Rules of Conduct), Sub-section 1(Duties).