Technical Director Professor Mintah closes GFA-France Football Federation Coaching Exchange Program

1 month ago

Technical Director of the Ghana Football Association, Professor Isaac Kwame Mintah, has officially closed the GFA-France Football Federation (FFF) Coaching Exchange Program at the Ghanaman Soccer Center of Excellence (GSCE) which ended on Friday, June 7th, 2024.

The program, which spanned five days, commenced on Monday, June 3rd, and brought together 23 female national team and club coaches for an intensive training session.

In his closing remarks, Professor Mintah expressed his gratitude to the Course Coordinator Janice Odonkor, the Course Instructors from France, Lafargue Jean Claude and Ludovic Debru and the Director of Coach Education of the GFA, Desmond Ofei, who was the Course Facilitator for their invaluable contributions to the success of the program. He also extended his congratulations to the participants for their dedication and commitment throughout the training.

“First of all, we are very grateful to the France Football Federation and the French Embassy for this wonderful program. But our biggest appreciation goes to you (the instructors), Jean-Claude and Ludovic, for your time and the expertise you have shared,” Prof. Mintah said.

“We are also grateful to the Course Coordinator Madam Janice Odonkor and to our able facilitator Coach Desmond for the wonderful jobs you have done."

“To you the participants, this is another plus. You have just added to your knowledge bank and this must show in your subsequent coaching. Congrats to you all and wishing you all the best in your coaching endeavours,” he concluded.

International Training Expert Lafargue Jean-Claude and Ludovic Debru, who represented the Technical Director of the FFF, provided expert instruction and shared valuable insights with the participants. Janice Odonkor, the Head of the Business Development Unit of the GFA, served as the project coordinator, ensuring the smooth execution of the program.

The GFA Director of Coach Education, Desmond Ofei, and Professor Mintah were the course facilitators, guiding the participants through the various modules and ensuring they gained maximum benefit from the training.

Upon completion of the program, all 23 participants were awarded certificates, signifying their successful participation in the intensive course. This marks a significant milestone in their coaching careers, equipping them with enhanced skills and knowledge to contribute to the development of football in Ghana.

The GFA-FFF Coaching Exchange Program is part of a broader initiative to build capacity and enhance the technical capabilities of coaches in Ghana. The collaboration between the GFA and the FFF underscores the importance of international partnerships in advancing the quality of football coaching and development.

Professor Mintah highlighted the significance of such programs in facilitating the growth of football in Ghana.

"This coaching exchange program is a testament to our commitment to continuous learning and development. The knowledge and skills acquired by our coaches will undoubtedly contribute to the improvement of football at both the national and club levels," he stated.

With the dedication of the instructors, coordinators, and facilitators, and the enthusiastic participation of the Coaches, the program has significantly contributed to enhancing the quality of coaching in Ghana.

The GFA looks forward to more of such collaborations in the future, aimed at furthering the development of football in the country.