Match Commissioners to undergo a two-day course ahead of upcoming season

3 years ago

As part of preparation and readiness towards the 2020/2021 league season, the Ghana Football Association (GFA) in collaboration with the

Ghana National Association of Match Commissioners (GHAMCO), will organize a two-day course for members of the association selected for officiating for  upcoming  season.

The  course which will be for Match Commissioners (MCs) in the Ghana Premier League, Division One League and the Women’s Premier League will take place from 29th to 30th October, 2020 at the GFA Secretariat’s Conference Room.

According to Vice Chairman of the Association, Clement Walter Okai, the course will put Match Commissioners in readiness for the 2020/21 football season.

He further indicated that the Match Commissioners will be trained on  the modern trends of match reporting as well as various topic in order  to ensure that they contribute positively to the advancement of the leagues competitions.

Mr. Okai also stressed on the importance of members being abreast with recent amendments to the Laws of the game by the International Football Association Board (IFAB) and also with the concept and interpretation of the Laws of the game.

Key areas of importance which will be looked at during the course include;

-how to use the competition management system effectively, the key roles of a match Commissioner.

-how to conduct technical meetings and report writing.

-amendment to the laws of the game.

-the concept and interpretations of the laws of the game.

-GFA statues and regulations.

-Integrity values.

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