Match Commissioners reminded to adhere to GFA Covid-19 Protocols

2 years ago

Match Commissioners (MCs) have been informed to ensure that Club Safety and Security Officers outline their plans for executing the GFA Covid-19 Matchday Protocols.

This was announced by the Ghana Football Association (GFA) in a circular to all Match Commissioners ( Premier, Division One, Women’s League).

Below is the responsibilities of all MCs in adhering to the Covid-19 protocols:

1. You MUST ensure that the Club Safety and Security Officer is identified at the Pre Match Technical (Coordinators) Meeting and he must inform the meeting of the exact plan for ensuring the GFA Covid-19 Matchday Protocols.

2. You MUST STRONGLY caution Home Clubs that attendance of supporters must NOT exceed 25% percent of the capacity of EACH stand of the park/stadium. No gathering at one stand.

3. You MUST STRONGLY insist on the Home Club having stewards to work with the Club Safety and Security Officer to ensure that fans comply strictly with wearing of marks, social distancing etc. Leave two spaces inbetween two spectators.

4. You must remind Home Clubs of the consequences for any failure, firstly, on the club and then on the entire football industry losing our permission to play football in this country.

5. You MUST write SOMETHING in your Report about whether there was compliance with the GFA Covid-19 Matchday Protocols in your Report and any violations thereof. Failure to Report on this will lead to your losing of your Allowance as well as facing other sanctions eg - not getting another match. This is how serious this is to the GFA.

PLEASE help GFA to keep our permission to play football.

Please read the GFA Covid-19 Matchday Protocols.