Club Licensing Committee make decisions on license application on GPL Clubs

7 months ago

The Club Licensing Committee of the Ghana Football Association acting in its powers as the First Instant Body(FIB) of the GFA Club Licensing Framework, have made decisions on the license applications of all 18 premier league clubs.

The Committee made the decisions after reviewing the applications of the clubs via the CAF Club Licensing Online Platform(CLOP). The clubs were accessed in five major areas ; sporting, legal, finance, administrative and personnel and infrastructure.

Ghana is one of few member associations in Africa implementing the usage of the application process via the CLOP this season.

FC Samartex were the only club to have been granted a license without sanctions.

The remaining 17 clubs were granted licenses but with sanctions for the failure to meet some minor requirements. The detailed sanctions have been communicated to the clubs and other departments within the GFA for further actions.

Below is a summary of the decisions.