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CAF launches Club Licensing Online Platform (CLOP)

1 year ago

The Confederation of African Football (CAF) has launched a Club Licensing Online Platform (CLOP).

This landmark CAF project was presented to the Member Associations during the CAF Club Licensing Seminar in Cairo, Egypt.

The CAF Club Licensing Online Platform (CLOP) is an electronic tool system designed to manage the licensing process and stadium inspections for continental and domestic competitions.

The Member Associations as licensors will use the CAF Club Licensing Online Platform to operate their licensing system every season. The system is extended to all the CAF national associations in order to be used for continental and domestic license type.

As part of its features, the CAF Club Licensing Online Platform:

  • Allows the Licensors to implement a fully automated and electronic club licensing process for continental and domestic competitions;
  • Facilitates smooth gathering and real-time visualization of the documents submitted by the licence applicants (clubs);
  • Enables CAF to monitor the licensing procedure not only for CAF Interclubs competitions but also for the national competitions;
  • Allows CAF to gather data (Benchmarking) about clubs in Africa;
  • Enables the running of stadium inspections missions for CAF and domestic competitions.

The CAF Club Licensing Online Platform will take Club Licensing in Africa to a new dimension by modernizing and standardizing the Club Licensing system, streamlining of all information submitted by the clubs to the licensor, allowing CAF and Licensors to access all club license applications in a timely and safe matte, run stadium Inspection procedure, and ultimately providing an efficient access to benchmarking analysis.

The member associations will have the option to insert on CLOP their own criteria and requirements for a given national competition. Utilizing the CAF Club Licensing Online Platform will enable the club licensing process to be more efficient for the clubs and all stakeholders involved in the process.

The CAF CLOP will be the centralized location for the licensing application process for CAF Interclubs competitions and at minimum the national men´s top tier competitions of all the CAF member associations.