We have a point to prove on Friday - Black Queens Deputy captain Jennifer Cudjoe

2 months ago

Black Queens Deputy captain Jennifer Cudjoe says the team has a point to prove by finishing off Namibia in the Women's Africa Cup of Nations final round 1st leg qualifier on Friday.

“Every athlete must be prepared and also has a point to prove in a game. Everyone at the Black Queens believe in themselves and challenges each other every day" she stated.

"We have a point to prove tomorrow and as a team we’ve done a lot and are  ready to step up in every other game”.

"People watch and they see the progress that’s coming in, in every single game, the players improve on themselves every day"

Jennifer further said that she will be astonished and amazed if Ghana does not make it to the AFCON.

"We have the quality individually, very talented and very good. Collectively, we’re also great and it all boils down to our attitude and who wants to step up to do the job. It will come as a surprise should we not progress”.

The 2024 Womens Africa Cup of Nations qualifier is scheduled for  3:30pm kickoff at the Accra Sports stadium on Friday, December 1, 2023.