Referees receive Officiating allowances for Matchday 1-4

2 years ago

The Ghana Football Association (GFA) has paid the officiating allowances of Referees for the Premier, Division One and Women’s League from Match day 1 to Match day 4.

At a meeting held earlier this month to agree on officiating fees for the season, the GFA and RAG also agreed that officiating fees should be paid after every four matches.

The first tranche has been paid to each referee’s bank account with the tax components and RAG percentages all deducted and paid.

A total amount of GHc129,600 was paid to referees to officiate in the Ghana Premier League of which GHc 5760 was paid as tax, GHc11,520 to Referees Association of Ghana (RAG) and GHc112,320 to the referees.

In the Division league, a sum of GHc207,360 was paid. GHc 9216 was allocated to tax, GHc 18,432 to RAG and GHc179,712 to the Referees.

GHc3072 was paid as tax for match officials in the Women’s Premier League, GHc6,144 to RAG and GHC59,904 to Referees. This amounts to GHc69,120.

The payments were made after a meeting between the GFA and RAG on February 24.

The payments  have been distributed to the Referees in compliance with the FIFA Regulations on the Organization of Refereeing in FIFA Member Associations.

Below is the breakdown of the allowances for each referee Premier & DOL/ Womens League:

Component                                          Premier                                        Women

Allowance                                                         GHc400                                             GHc240

Accomodation & Feeding                                 GHc300                                             GHc180

T & T                                                                   GHc200                                             GHc120

TOTAL                                                                GHc900                                         GHc540

TAX 10%                                                             GHc40                                               GHc24

RAG Levy 20%                                                   GHc80                                               GHc48

Total After Deductions                               GHc780                                          GHc468