Referees Department Outlines Program for July-October 2024

1 week ago

The Referees Department of the Ghana Football Association (GFA) has unveiled a comprehensive program for the next four months of the year.

The program aims to ensure that all referees and assistant referees across various leagues are in top condition both physically and medically.

The program will commence with a series of medical tests for referees and assistant referees in the Premier League, Division One League, and Women's Premier League. These tests are crucial in guaranteeing that all officials are fit to officiate matches and uphold the highest standards of the game.

Following the medical assessments, the department will conduct fitness tests in both the northern and southern sectors of the country.

In addition to these assessments, the program includes several key meetings and training sessions. The Referees Committee will convene to discuss various aspects of officiating, including classification and the roles of assessors.

The schedule will also include a Regional Technical and Fitness Instructors’ Course.

The entire program spans from July 25, 2024, to October 19, 2024, reflecting the GFA's commitment to continuous improvement in officiating.