RE: Cancellation of Normalization Committee Special Competition

1 year ago

Following the cancellation of the GFA Normalization Committee’s (N.C) Special Competition, an official communique was issued to explain to the football community what culminated in the abolishment. 

The final paragraph of the release stated: 

“We want to assure the people of Ghana that Ghana football will be normalized, and will not allow the inherent greatness of our football to die on the alter of selfishness, greed and braggadocio.” 

The above paragraph was misinterpreted to mean the Normalization Committee was denigrating members of the football community. 

We would like to state unequivocally that the import of that paragraph was in reference to the theme of the Anas exposè. When greed and corruption becomes the norm.

The said statement was to reassure Ghanaians that our core mandate of normalizing Ghana football will be fulfilled and that we will not allow the attributes of greed, selfishness and braggadocio that were exhibited in the Anas’ Exposè destroy our football. 

We have over the past few months shown tremendous respect for the people of Ghana and the football community by extensively consulting with all the major football constituents since we took office. 

Once again we want to assure the good people of the nation that Ghana football will be normalized and the inborn beauty of our football enterprise shall rise again.

Dan Kwaku Yeboah-Spokesperson Normalization Committee