Project Selection

The GFA Foundation selects projects for implementation based on the following criteria.

  • Must be within the CARES Thematic Areas 
  • Must be linked to national or international priorities or goals. Eg. National Malaria or HIV/AIDS Policy, SDGs, etc.
  • Project must be driven by community needs assessment.
  • Confirmation of undertaking a similar project or a previous edition or the existence of a feasibility study conducted for a new initiative.
  • Must be sustainable for a foreseeable future.
  • Have a broad community impact, both direct and indirect.
  • Should be able to be replicated and scaled up.
  • The project budget must be realistic and in tune with Foundation’s financial plan.
  • Proof of quality of relevant expertise in the project implementation team.
  • Notwithstanding meeting all the selection criteria above, the GFA Foundation reserves the right to decline support for the project based on the overall strategic intent.