Presidential Election

13 years ago

The GFA has set April 28 as the date for the Football Association's Extra-Ordinary Session of Congress to elect its President.

"Please, take notice that pursuant to Article 23.5.1 of the GFA Statutes there will be a meeting of the Extra-Ordinary Session of Congress of the Ghana Football Association on Thursday, 28th April, 2011 at the GFA Conference room at 9.00 am," a statement from the FA read.

Congress will consider the Proposal for Amendments of Statutes of the GFA.

Also, following the statutory deadline for the nomination of candidates for the GFA Presidency, Congress will hold the election of the President at its Extra-Ordinary Session on April 28.


1. 8.00 am - Accreditation

2. 9.00 am - Roll Call

3. 9.10 am - Verification that the notification and composition of the Congress comply with the provisions for the Statutes.

4. - Address by President of GFA Congress.

5. - Proposal for Amendments of Statutes of the Ghana Football Association.

6. - Election of President of the Ghana Football Association.