Ghana entered into Pot One

14 years ago

Ghana has been included in the first tier of seeds, that is Pot One, where Africa's top seeds are grouped for Sunday's draw of the 2010 World Cup.

FIFA, today entered Africa's 48 countries into four separate pots ahead of the draw in Durban which would see a total of 170 countries from across the globe go into Sunday's draw for the 2010 World Cup in Durban.

For Africa, the draw will create 12 groups of four countries, each team will come from a separate pot.

The winners of each round-robin mini-league plus the best eight runners-up qualify for the third round of qualifiers.

The World Cup qualifying fixtures will also double as qualifiers for 2010 African Nations Cup in Angola.

Pot One (First seeds)

Cameroon, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Morocco, Ghana, Tunisia, Egypt, Guinea, Senegal, Mali, Angola, Togo

Pot Two (Second seeds)

Zambia, South Africa, Cape Verde Islands, DR Congo, Algeria, Burkina Faso, Benin, Mozambique, Libya, Ethiopia, Congo, Zimbabwe

Pot Three (Third seeds)

Uganda, Botswana, Equatorial Guinea, Tanzania, Gabon, Malawi, Sudan, Burundi, Liberia, Rwanda, Eritrea, Namibia

Pot Four (Fourth seeds)

Gambia, Mauritania, Kenya, Chad, Lesotho, Mauritius, Niger, Swaziland, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Madagascar, Djibouti