Congress increase DOL to 52 clubs

13 years ago

From a total of 48 clubs divided into various zones, the membership of the Ghana Football Association at its Extra-ordinary Congress on Monday has increased the participating numbers to 52 for Ghana’s second tier league.

The decision to increase the numbers follows the amendment of the special rules which made way for the reconstitution of the Division One League membership.

The increase in the number of clubs necessitated by the situation in Zone III, according to FA President, Kwesi Nyantakyi will see six clubs relegated from that particular Zone at the end of the season.

The FA President also explained that the number of relegated clubs from a particular Zone will be dependent on the geographical representation of the demoted clubs from the Premier League.

Congress also approved Sunday, February 28 as the start date for the 2009/2010 season of the Division One League.

Participating clubs would commence registration of players for the new season on Tuesday, January 27 and the exercise would last till February 4 to be followed by the verification process fixed for February 19 - 26.