Black Starlets off to Russia for 4-nation tournament

1 month ago

In a bid to sharpen their skills and test their mettle on the international stage, Ghana’s Under-17 national football team, the Black Starlets, have embarked on a journey to Russia for a four-nation tournament.

The tournament, which features teams from Russia, Kazakhstan, and Serbia, promises to be a thrilling test for the young Ghanaian talents.

Accompanied by a contingent of twenty players, including two goalkeepers and eighteen outfield players, the Black Starlets are eager to showcase their prowess on the global stage. Led by Coach Laryea Kingston, the team is poised to make a mark and gain invaluable experience as they compete against top-tier opposition.

However, success on the pitch is not the sole focus of the Black Starlets’ journey. With the team’s development and well-being in mind, nine medical and technical staff have also made the trip to provide support and guidance to the players throughout the tournament.

This international venture comes at a crucial time for the Black Starlets as they gear up for the upcoming 2024 WAFU U17 tournament, scheduled to be held in Accra from May 15th to May 28th.

The experience gained from competing against diverse opponents in the lead-up to the WAFU tournament is expected to be invaluable in preparing the team for the challenges that lie ahead on home soil.

As the Black Starlets set their sights on success both in Russia and at the WAFU U17 tournament, the nation rallies behind its young footballing talents, eagerly anticipating the emergence of the next generation of Ghanaian football stars.

With determination, skill, and unwavering support, the Black Starlets aim to make their mark on the international stage and inspire a nation with their passion for the beautiful game.