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B.A Stars lose points, handed home ban plus fines

13 years ago

The Disciplinary Committee has found B.A. Stars guilty on charges of misconduct and causing the abrupt end of their match-day-7 fixture against New Edubiase at the Coronation Park.

B.A. Stars, thus slump to the bottom of the table following a disciplinary decision against them as they pick up a two-game home ban plus fines totaling GHC 6,000.

The game on October 17 was heading towards the closing stages when home supporters initiated various acts making it impossible for the Referee to continue with the game.

Following the DC's ruling on the protest filed by New Edubiase against B.A. Stars for causing the abrupt end of the game;

- B.A. Stars forfeits the match in question in line with GFA Regulation 34(1)(d) with three (3) goals debited against it as per GFA Regulation 34(2)

- Three (3) points shall be deducted from the Club's accumulated points from other previous Matches and the Club is fined GHC 1,000.00 as per GFA Regulation 34(5)(a)

- B.A. Stars is ordered to pay New Edubiase Utd. the Petitioner's transportation expenses in respect of the Match in line with GFA Regulation 34(5)(a).

- New Edubaise is awarded three (3) points and three (3) goals in line with GFA Regulation 34(2) and GHC 500.00 constituting 50% of the fine imposed on B.A. Stars under GFA Regulation 34(5)(a).

On the charge of misconduct against B.A. Stars, the DC rules that;

- B.A. Stars is fined GHC 5,000 for the misconduct of the Club's supporters

- B.A. Stars is also suspended from playing at home for 2 consecutive league matches

- The Club is also ordered to pay for the Medical Bills of the injured Match Officials.