Women’s Super-Cup kicks off Friday, November 25

2 years ago

The newly introduced Women's super-cup will kick start on Friday, November 25, 2021 in Accra. The new tournament will be played among the top four teams each from the Southern and Northern Zones in last season’s Women’s Premier League.

The Madina Zurak Park and McDan La Town Park are the two venues for the competition.

Ampem Darkoa Ladies, Prisons Ladies, Kumasi Sports Academy and Ashtown Ladies will represent the Northern Zone whilst Hasaacas Ladies, Berry Ladies, Soccer Intellectuals and Ladystrikers compete for the Southern Zone.

The teams will be grouped into two - Group A and B.  Ampem Darkoa, Soccer Intellectuals, Prisons and Berry Ladies will make up group A whilst Hasaacas, Ladystrikers, Kumasi Sports Academy and Ashtown Ladies compete in Group B.

The tournament will serve as a preparatory ground and additional incentive to clubs and players ahead of the 2021/2022 season which will commence in January 2022.