Women's league coming up

15 years ago

Women’s football appears to have caught up finally with the male game as the Ghana Football Association closes in for the start of the first national women’s football league.

The women’s game in the country has chalked valuable success over the past years.

Ghana has also won three silver medals on the continent with two Black Queens players winning the Women’s Footballer of the year awards.

However, the country has struggled to have a proper structured football league for women.

Only a few regions continue to conduct football leagues across the countryside. But the women’s game would move a step higher in the coming months.

After the launch of the Zonal women’s league in December 2006, a structured football league is expected to kick off in the country next year, the FA confirmed on Friday.

Speaking to the media, FA President, Kwesi Nyantakyi explained that the sport body was still in talks with potential sponsors for the game and expects a deal to be reached soon for the commencement of the national league.

“A national women’s football league is expected to kick off next year.

“The Ghana Football Association is still in talks with some interested parties. And mind you, organizing such a league comes with a huge financial outlay.

“We would need to get off on a good note. All sponsorship agreements would have to be tied before we usher in the league.

“Such a league would also boost the strength on national teams as they would be competing on a weekly basis just like the male league.”

Ghana made a third appearance at the World Cup in China, though the performance was not what the Ghana Football Association had expected as the Black Queens went out in the first round

“The performance was regrettable. Our target was to progress to the second round.

“We failed in that sense.

“As managers (FA), we have to diagnose the problem to find out a solution for the team,” the FA President said.