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Winkogo project, avenue for talent development - Overlord of Talensi Traditional area

1 year ago

The overlord of the Talensi Traditional area Tongo - Raana Naab Kugbil Namaltang has expressed sincere gratitude to the President Simeon-Okraku and Alhaji Salifu Zida, Chairman of the Upper East Regional Football Association on the decision to build the first ever FIFA standard football facility in the region.

Tongo-Raana Naab Kugbil Namaltang was addressing President Simeon-Okraku, the Executive Council and other top football officials during a visit to the Tongraan’s Palace at Bolgantaga on Thursday, June 22, 2023.

The visit was to inform him about the Winkogo project and to seek his blessing for the official commissioning on Friday.

‘’We are very happy to have you here this evening and I must express my sincere thanks to the President of the GFA (Kurt Edwin Simeon-Okraku) and Alhaji Salifu Zida the RFA Chairman for identifying our place as suitable for the citing of a football pitch’’ Tongo-Raana Naab Kugbil Namaltang said.

‘’This pitch is not that ordinary but one that is of FIFA standard. I think it’s the first of its kind that we are seeing in this region and we really thank you for this project''.

‘’What we have now is the phase one as I have been told there will be other phases to make the project complete''.

‘’I think with the spectator stands, dressing rooms and administrative office we will have one of the best football facilities to compete with the best in Ghana''.

‘’I am very, very elated and I am sure it’s an example that you have shown that football is not only played in the south but the entire nation''.

‘’I went to the site secretly to look at what was happening and I was very impressed with the progress of work. Even though I think the inner perimeter needs to be extended to prevent people from jumping into the pitch during high profile matches, I think this pitch is one of the best if not the best in Ghana''.

‘’I know that what you have done there is going to encourage and motivate a lot of the youth to look at sports as another avenue for human growth''.

‘’Sports is something that one can use as a ladder for growth and community development. Gone are the days when people played football without adding the academic aspect of it and I am very happy that you have thought of adding a regional football academy to the project''.

‘I am particularly happy that you have also thought of the Women, this part of the country many at times we think that women don’t matter and we try to stop them from showcasing their talent. But I think that times have changed, many of our Girls are good in sports especially football''.

‘’I can assure that I am very ready to support you in this journey of raising the bar in football administration’’. Tongo-Raana Naab Kugbil Namaltang added.

The facility will serve the people of Winkogo and its environs and will help solve the huge sports infrastructure deficit the region has been facing over the years.

The facility will house the head office of the Upper East Regional Football Association, dressing rooms, spectator stands and a FIFA standard artificial football turf capable of hosting all matches, including elite domestic competitions.