Video analysis course takes off at Prampram

11 months ago

The second edition of the GFA Video Analysis course, began on Monday, August 21, 2023 at the Ghanaman Center of Excellence at Prampram.

The course which is structured in three sessions, with the initial ten days being conducted as a face-to-face session at the Ghanaman Soccer Centre of Excellence in Prampram will round up on September 10,2023.

Following this, there will be an online training session spanning eleven days. Subsequently, participants will undertake a mandatory internship with clubs of their choice, operating under the supervision of the Technical Directorate.

The primary objective of this course is to equip coaches, individuals, and various stakeholders with a comprehensive understanding of modern trends within the game of football.

The course is intended for a diverse range of participants, including those associated with the 18 Ghana Premier League clubs, 20 Women’s Premier League clubs, 48 Division One League clubs, Regional Women’s Division One League, as well as all other coaches and individuals involved in football.

The course curriculum will enhance the participants' ability to analyze games effectively, including learning how to code matches and incorporate telestrations for presentations. By mastering these skills, participants will be better equipped to dissect team and player performances, thereby identifying nuances and techniques that might be overlooked during live observations. Consequently, video analysis provides a means for football clubs to critically evaluate their performance, ultimately leading to skill improvement and injury prevention, among other benefits.

The training is spearheaded by Edward Gyamfi Achempong, Head of Video Analysis and Data, with invaluable assistance and guidance provided by Director of Coaching Education Prof. Joseph Kwame Mintah and Administrative Manager Maxwell Caesar Kemeh.

In a broader context, this course aligns with the overarching strategy of the Technical Directorate to elevate the standards of football in Ghana by fostering continuous improvement and innovation in various facets of the game, including video analysis.