The Normalisation Committee expresses profound gratitude to all members of Ad-Hoc Committees

2 months ago

The Normalisation Committee expresses profound gratitude to all members of Ad-Hoc committees

A few weeks ago, a number of brave Ghanaian men and women took on the task to sit as ad hoc committees to address operational issues affecting football in Ghana.

Despite recent challenges, Ghana has enjoyed great footballing success relative to the rest of the African continent for many years.

After engaging a wide range of football stakeholders in the first few weeks to find out what went wrong, a number of recurring themes were identified.

The Normalisation Committee decided, in conjunction with key stakeholders, that it was imperative that the wider football community put their minds together to create structured inputs to a blueprint to support the reorganisation of football.

The ultimate aim is to restore Ghana to its former footballing glory.

This is how the formation of ad hoc committees came into being.

6 specific areas were chosen as the highest priority namely;

- Refereeing - Technical Development - Domestic Leagues - Marketing & Sponsorship - Communication & Promotion - National teams

We are pleased to announce that the committees have completed their work and have each submitted detailed reports. It is important that these important recommendations form part of the reformation of football that will continue over the next few years.

To the men and women who gave of themselves we say ayekoo. May your important contribution to the reformation of football in Ghana lead to the creation of football stars of the future both locally and internationally to uphold the good name of Ghana!


Normalisation Committee