Reforms to help overhaul Ghana football

13 years ago

Kwesi Nyantakyi has promised an overhaul of the game in Ghana to keep it in the top bracket of footballing nations as he begins his second term in office by introducing new reforms.

Ghana Football Association President Kwesi Nyantakyi was re-elected head of Ghana football yesterday, vowing to unveil a new blue print for football development.

Nyantakyi, 43, was given the mandate of another four-year term as Congress gathered on Friday in Prampram.

Delegates at the GFA's Extra-Ordinary Session returned Nyantakyi, the only qualified candidate by popular acclamation.

"It is my expectation that over the next four years, football in Ghana will move several steps to another level."

"After the swearing in, we [Executive Committee] will unveil a new blue print for football development dubbed a 4-year Strategic Plan for reform and an overhaul of the game," he said to Congress.

"We will outdoor our strategic focus and thrust for the development of the game in Ghana. In that document, you will find the key goals and objectives and targets set for all functional areas of football development in Ghana."

Nyantakyi explained that despite the many successes accomplished during his first-term, the recent poor run of results by the junior national teams and the state of the Premier League would be given the needed attention aimed.

"Plans have already been put in place to arrest the declining fortunes of the junior national teams and the league," he said.

"The first step is to resource our technical directorate with its full complement of staff to support the development programs of the FA. The regional and national youth competitions have been re-organised to enhance efficiency and efficacy of the programs.

"The Premier League will be re-organsied with new regulations and standards for the clubs. The structure and membership of the PLB will be the subject of review.

"The Executive Committee has set up a Committee to review the FIFA Club Licensing Regulations for adoption and implementation for our domestic league."

"We will also engage owners of television platforms and other sponsors to add spectre to the league, revive interest in our games and introduce more professionalism in the running of the league."

Nyantakyi added that other areas would also receive greater attention to compliment the total development agenda.

"Coaching, refereeing, administration and sports medicine will be given a new dimension. Women's football will be supported to assure an enhanced prominence."