Q&A: 2019/20 Women’s Premier League First Round - Chairperson’s take

4 years ago

Chairperson of the Women’s League Committee, Hillary Boaten has described the first round of the 2019/20 season’s Premiership a success.

In an interview with the Communications Department, Mrs. Boaten said the competition has enjoyed massive improvement in the area of attendance. She also spoke about the introduction of game centers and challenges affecting the women’s game.

Defending Champions Prisons Ladies FC lead the table in the Northern Zone with 17 points. While Hasaacas Ladies FC lead the pack in the Southern Zone.

Read below our Q&A session with the Women’s League Committee boss:

What is your assertion of the first round?

As far as the Women’s Premier League is concerned this particular season, we’ve seen a massive improvement in attendance and it goes a long way to show that the introduction of the game centres has been a successful idea.

And how competitive has the league been?

I think the stakes have been really high obviously because of the player of the month and the coach of the month awards that have been introduced thankfully by Electroland Ghana.

How exciting were these league games?

Overall in terms of the play, I think we’ve seen some exciting matches both in the Northern and the southern sector. I expect that the second round of the matches will even be better. Our hashtag #SheDidThat is really trending. For all the teams, we will have to congratulate them. You go onto social media and each and every team has a social media page and it has now improved to a stage where players are also branding themselves on social media.

How involving and supportive has the GFA been?

Kudos to the FA for having procured cameras to live stream matches; I think it’s a step in the right direction. The second round is going to be super competitive. If you look at the league tables for both Northern and Southern Zones, you are not too sure who is going to win. You don’t pray for any team to be relegated but it’s also another competition at the bottom that is going to be keen to watch.

Tell us about some of the challenges you encountered

We as a Committee are looking at the challenges that we were confronted with in the first round and working together with the FA to ensure that the Women’s League in the second round is even more successful than it has been in the first round.

For the Women’s Premier League, you’re probably missing out [a lot] if you are not watching any of the matches and you would be surprised at how good they are when you decide to focus on them.

What should football fans expect in the coming round?

We start our next round of matches in a few weeks. There will be a press release on the exact date so everyone will know. We continue to work around the challenges and ensure that in the second round, we will probably see a much-improved competition.