New FIFA Disciplinary Code 2023 and Code of Ethics 2023 come into force

9 months ago

The Ghana Football Association wishes to inform all its members and football family in Ghana that new FIFA Disciplinary Code 2023 and Code of Ethics 2023 have come into force.

In line with its ongoing commitment to greater transparency while modernising football’s regulatory framework, FIFA engaged with various stakeholders to discuss proposals to amend and clarify its regulations, specifically the 2019 edition of the FIFA Disciplinary Code and the 2020 edition of the FIFA Code of Ethics.

These fruitful discussions resulted in the decision to include some additional tools at FIFA’s disposal to ensure the protection of the image of football against any threat or harm as a result of illegal, immoral or unethical methods and practices.

In this context, the FIFA Council at its meeting in Doha, Qatar, on 16 December 2022, adopted the new FIFA Disciplinary Code (FDC), 2023 edition, as well as of the new FIFA Code of Ethics (FCE), 2023 edition.

The main amendments to the FDC aim to:

  1. Improve the proceedings related to the failure to comply with a decision (former art. 15, 2019 edition).
  2. Reinforce the smooth and efficient handling of proceedings before FIFA’s judicial bodies.

The main amendments to the FCE aim to:

iii. Recognise substantial assistance provided by persons involved in ethics proceedings.

Specific amendments to both codes aim to:

  1. Provide greater protection to victims of discrimination and sexual abuse or harassment.
  2. Strengthen FIFA’s fight against match manipulation and entrust investigations of specific disciplinary and ethics matters to independent integrity experts.
  3. Improve the accused’s rights in ethics and disciplinary proceedings.

vii. Extend the scope of competence of FIFA’s judicial bodies.

Miscellaneous amendments aim to:

viii. Provide greater transparency and clarity on key provisions on both Codes.

  1. Reflect the various new entities and regulations.
  2. Restructure the FDC.

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FIFA Disciplinary Code, 2023 edition (FDC) FIFA Disciplinary Code_2023_EN

FIFA Code of Ethics, 2023 edition (FCE) FIFA Code of Ethics_2023_EN