Julian Nunoo officiates most games in first round of Premier League

5 months ago

FIFA Referee Julian Nunoo finished the first round of the Ghana Premier League with the most games Nine (9). The 32-year who was recently honored as the best referee for the 2022/23 season distinguished himself in all 9 Premier League games in the first round.

Notably, Nunoo has earned his place among the leading referees in West Africa, earning recognition from CAF (Confederation of African Football) and World football governing body FIFA. Aside Ghana, he officiates in both the CAF Confederation Cup and Champions League as well as FIFA World Cup qualifiers.

Julian Nunoo follows in the footsteps of his father, retired FIFA referee Thomas Nunoo, in pursuing a successful career in football officiating.  Second on the list are Jacob Aduntera, Mohammed Misbaou and Dr. Imoro Osman who officiated 7 games each.

Below is the list of referees with most games in the first round of the Premier League.