Ish-Hak Alhassan keeps hold of Player Status Committee position

1 month ago

Ish-Hak Alhassan has been retained as Chairman of the Player Status Committee having exceled in the role for the past four years.

Legal practitioner Jerry John Sena Agbemabiese will serve as Vice Chairman of the Committee. Also on the Committee is former Ghana International Kwame Ayew. The rest include, Sylvester Mensah and retired referee Vivian Aggor.

Their Duties/Responsibilities: 

1. The Players Status Committee shall set up and monitor compliance with transfer regulations in accordance with the FIFA Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players and the GFA Regulations in respect of the Status and Domestic Transfer of Players and Rules governing the Procedure of the GFA Players’ Status Committee.

2.Players status disputes involving GFA, its Members, Players, Officials, intermediaries and licensed match agents shall be settled in accordance with the GFA Statutes 2019 and subject to any applicable national law.

3. Settling of employment, status, eligibility, compensation and contractual disputes involving GFA , clubs, players, coaches and other officials, intermediaries, and licensed match agents.

The Committee will function in accordance with the GFA Statutes, the FIFA Regulations on the status and transfer of players, the GFA Regulations in respect of the status and domestic transfer of players, as well as the rules governing the procedure of the GFA Players' Status Committee.