Gold Stars banned from using Bordie Park

10 years ago

The Ghana Football Association has banned Dompem Gold Stars from using the Bordie Park where the late referee Kyei Andoh was beaten by fans.

Referee Kyei Andoh was allegedly handed severe beatings by fans of the home side in a Division One league match between Gold Stars and NaaJoe United, resulting in his death days later.

After its meeting with the Executive members of the Western Regional Football Association (WRFA) on Thursday, the GFA have decided to ban the Bordie Park, home of Gold Stars, indefinitely.

It has also referred the matter to the police while waiting for the final autopsy report of the deceased before taking further actions.

The Ghana Football Association has revealed plans to foot part of the cost for the funeral of referee Kyei Andoh.

“The Ghana FA will like to once more again send our condolences to the family of referee Kyei,” Ibrahim Sannie Daara, GFA spokesperson said.

“They (WRFA) have been there to visit the family in Prestea and following their meeting two days ago, we have decided to ban Dompem Gold Stars from playing at that [Bordie] venue indefinitely until a decision is taken.

“The Police have waded into the matter, the report from the Disciplinary Committee has also been received and further actions will be taken by the Police.

“While we still wait for the autopsy to be confirmed, the WRFA have decided on their own to take the cost of the casket for referee Kyei.

“The Ghana Football Association will also foot some of the bills towards his funeral.

“In the coming days, we will meet again and also meet with the Police in the Western Region to look at the other measures to be taken.

“We will not rule out anything. The Police will be examining the match reports and we will take every action necessary to make things right.”

Referee Andoh-Kyei died days later and will be buried in Prestea this weekend.