Ghana’s Kofi Ablor and Christiana Baah attend FIFA Medical Conference 2024

4 months ago

Two Ghanaian medical practitioners, Dr. Christiana Mensah and Dr. Kofi Ablor have attended the FIFA Medical Conference 2024 in Boston.

The Conference took place, 6th-7th February 2024, in Boston, USA, one of the States gunning up to host the World Cup in 2026.

The event hosted medical professionals from across the globe in a landmark gathering, giving them the chance to share knowledge and exchange ideas as part of FIFA’s efforts to make football medicine accessible to all Member Associations.

The two-day conference focused on the latest scientific research and medical advancements in methodologies, techniques and procedures applied in football and the task upheld by FIFA in spearheading and promoting the health of players at all levels.

With a new paradigm shift towards creating a platform for more collaboration between Member Associations in its quest to bridge the gap in knowledge base interested subject areas were forwarded for deliberation.

Some of the topics discussed in the conference included, Spotting head injuries, FIFA Medical Concussion Protocol, On-pitch head injury assessment, how to implement surveillance in a national team ,football language, Infectious diseases, Cardiac screening in youth football, estimating return to play, postpartum return to play, menstrual health awareness in low resource setting, menstrual cycle myth, ACL epidemic, hamstring injuries, mental Health etc.

The Ghanaian delegates, Dr. Christiana Baah and Dr. Kofi Ablorh expressed their gratitude to the FIFA Medical team and the Ghana Football Association for the platform created for them to interact and learn new ways of achieving excellence in football medicine and emphasized their readiness to teach and also, to put into practice the knowledge gained to impact the game of football positively.