GFA included in FIFA pilot for Connect registration system and DTMS/ITMS

2 weeks ago


The Ghana Football Association has been included in FIFA’s pilot phase for the interface between the Connect registration system and DTMS/ITMS.

The pilot will allow the GFA and its stakeholders to test and provide feedback back to FIFA with the world governing body expected to analyze test results and make necessary adjustments prior to further roll-out in other associations.


The pilot will be executed in the Connect registration system and TMS production environments with real registrations and transfers.


Due to the nature of the pilot, it will be reduced to a limited number of clubs as follow:

• Men Premier League clubs: 18 clubs

• Men Division clubs (3 zones): 48 clubs

• Women’s Premier League (2 zones): 16 clubs


The pilot will start from Monday 11th October to 23rd October 2021. In this regard, the registration window for TRANSFER PLAYERS for the pilot clubs has been extended to Saturday 23rd October 2021.

That notwithstanding, the squad list for the premier league clubs must be submitted to the Competitions Department not later than Monday 18th October 2021.

All clubs in the pilot are requested to start their transfers from the ITMS (for international players) and DTMS (for Domestic players) and conclude the registration in the Connect.