GFA grants approval for Liberty Professionals switch to Hohoe United FC

7 months ago

The Ghana Football Association has granted approval to the new owners of  Liberty Professionals FC to change the name to Hohoe United Football Club.

The approval is on the heels of a letter from the new owners requesting approval for the switch from Liberty Professionals FC to Hohoe United. 


Read on for the approval letter:

We acknowledge receipt of the letter from Liberty Professionals Football Club requesting for approval for a change of your club’s name from Liberty Professionals Football Club (an incorporated company) to HOHOE UNITED FOOTBALL CLUB LIMITED due to changes in ownership structure of the club.

The Ghana Football Association (GFA) also acknowledges receipt of the incorporated documents of the change of name to HOHOE UNITED FOOTBALL CLUB LIMITED from the Registrar General’s Department attached with Registration Number, CS148720721 and TIN, C0061048259 submitted to the GFA. The GFA notes that Liberty Professionals Football Club, an incorporated company under the Companies Act, 1963 (Act 179) has its name changed correctly under the law.

Consequently, the GFA hereby approves the change of name from Liberty Professionals Football Club to HOHOE UNITED FOOTBALL CLUB LIMITED subject to the conditions below.

Kindly take notice that all documents, rights and obligations including but not limited to, debts or fines owed to the GFA and player registration licenses or fees in the name of Liberty Professionals Football Club shall still remain valid and shall continue in force as if same are owed by or are in the name of HOHOE UNITED FOOTBALL CLUB LIMITED.