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Foremost GFA Football School Academy to be sited at Winkogo, Upper East Region

10 months ago

The Ghana Football Association has resolved to set up its foremost Football Academy in the Upper East Region of Ghana to harness the quality of talents in the school sector.

According to the Executive Council, this policy seeks to partner schools in the three football Zones to set up these Academies as players in Junior High schools will be screened and placed at the Bolgatanga Senior High School in the Upper East as well as two yet to named school in the Middle belt and Coastal area for this special GFA Football Academy Project.

‘’What we call the GFA School Football Academy where our brothers and sisters will be scouted from the woods of Ghana working closely with the Ghana Education Service and placing these super talents in carefully selected Secondary Schools in Ghana where they pursue their academic career and also their football careers’’ said President Simeon-Okraku.

‘’The foremost GFA Football Academy will be in the Upper East. They will be training at our newly established Technical Centre at Winkogo and they will be schooling at the Bolgatanga Senior High School’’.

‘’Same strategy will be repeated in the Ashanti Region, representing the middle belt and then in the Greater Accra Region, representing the South Coast’’.

‘’What that means is that we will be catching all the super talents, very young, at the right level in ages and then using our football philosophy, offer them football tuition. These players will be available to all the clubs in Ghana and they will also be available to our national teams’’ he added.

The concept which is open to both Boys and Girls is aimed at gathering the best football talents between the ages of 15-16 who would ordinarily not be found in the woods of Ghana.