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FIFA strongly believes in Ghana’s huge potential at youth level – Hesterine De Reus

1 year ago

FIFA/UEFA Coaching Instructor, Hesterine De Reus says Ghana has a huge potential at youth level and can be rest assured of FIFA’s support and cooperation to build success for the future.

She was speaking at the Launch of the Elite Talent Identification program at the GFA secretariat on Wednesday, October 5, 2022.

‘’The Technical Director mentioned that today is a happy day and I believe we all should mark today as the day of change. The day where we change the future of Ghana football for both men and women’’ she said.

‘’Only a few months ago, the Ghana Football Association and FIFA signed a commitment of cooperation and so FIFA will for the next four years cooperate with the GFA and I am sure we will extend our co-operation for the long future’’.

‘’FIFA strongly believes in the huge potential that Ghana has, so much raw talents and together we want to develop talent. We want them to grow and educate them to becoming top level footballers representing their country and bring successful national team activities back to the country’’.

‘’The support that we bring has three different areas, FIFA will bring expertise so every expertise that is needed, we will find it. FIFA is unique and has access to all the MA’s and can bring everything that Ghana needs to move forward’’.

‘’We will do training and education, because we believe that it is very important to make this change sustainable not only for a short period of time but for the long future and that means we need to have a strong educated workforce locally in Ghana’’.

‘’We will bring training and education to the local people to grow their knowledge and everything we need to grow the game’’.

‘’The last area where we will like to support is knowledge exchange, there are many countries over the world who try to build strong national teams and there are good and bad examples that we can share’’.

‘’We will try to link up other federations to share knowledge and make the road to success possible benefiting from the good examples and leaving out the bad examples’’.

‘’I think this is the day of change and the day we start to move forward and not only qualifying to world cup but also get success. I think the most important area for us and I hope you feel that importance as well, if we want to build success’’.

‘’It is important that we work as a united team together, not only the federation and FIFA, but the federation and regional offices’’.

‘’Inside the Federation, we need grass-root to build the strong foundation and support from the competition department to further develop competitions and create nationwide strong league for youth players’’.

‘’We need the support of all the departments and people in the departments if we want to be as a team. We need to be one team, Ghana, FIFA and all the people in the country to make Ghana successful in the future’’ she added.

The National Elite and Talent Identification Program is to identify and develop the best talented youth players (male and female) in the country to form the base of the various national teams.