FIFA places Transfer Window ban on Phar Rangers

6 months ago

FIFA has banned Ghanaian lower league club Phar Rangers FC for failing to comply with a decision of FIFA’s Player Status Committee.

In the decision, the now Eastern Regional Third Division side was ordered by FIFA to made payment of Thousands of Dollars to a foreign club that the Ghanaian club owes or face sanctions from the world football governing body.

The Ghanaian lower tier side has however failed to comply with FIFA’s decision. Phar Rangers FC initially made an appeal to the CAS but has since withdrawn their appeal and has also failed to obey the decision.

Following a request by lawyers of the foreign club for harsher sanctions to be imposed on Phar Rangers FC, FIFA, has announced that Phar Rangers FC shall initially be banned from participating in the next Transfer Window which starts on February 1, 2022.

Should Phar Rangers FC still fail to make a good their indebtedness, FIFA may impose further sanctions.

In light of the foregoing, the said Transfer Window ban shall remain up until the due amount is paid, FIFA reiterated in a letter to both parties and to the Ghana Football Association (GFA).

The GFA is tasked to ensure that Phar Rangers FC does not trade any player during the banned period.

The GFA consequently wishes to inform all clubs and stakeholders in order to ensure strict adherence to the FIFA ban and directive.

The GFA will update members and stakeholders if the current status changes.