FIFA Approves GFA Borehole project

2 years ago

The Ghana Football Association Borehole project has been approved by World football governing body, FIFA.

This follows the decision of the Executive Council of the GFA to invest part of the Association's FIFA Forward 1.0 programme to improve the quality of pitches and competitions via the provision of boreholes at game centres across the country.

The borehole project, when completed, will be used to develop Premier League, Division One League, Women’s Premier League pitches and Game Centres of Regional Football Associations all year including the dry

The borehole strategy will be funded via the FIFA Forward 1.0 programme.

The GFA has gone through the various laid down stages to finally receive the green light for the implementation of the project which will consist of 80 boreholes across the country with beneficiaries from the Premier League, Division One League, Women’s Premier League and some Game Centres of Regional Associations.

The provision of boreholes for the watering of pitches is aimed at improving the quality of pitches and ultimately improves competitions across the country.