Dr. Francis Ayiah Bediako retains Match Review Panel position

4 months ago
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Dr. Francis Ayiah Bediako will continue as Chairman of the Match Review Panel having been in charge of the Committee for the past four years.

Dr. Francis Ayiah Bediako is a senior lecturer at the statistics Department of the University of Cape Coast. Retired referee Justice Yeboah will serve as Vice Chairman of the Panel, while Paul Ayamba works as member.

The Match Review Panel (MRP) is a body appointed by the Executive Council to review incidents referred to the Panel by Clubs, whistle blowers or volunteers on the conduct of referees in GFA sanctioned competitions based on the Laws of the game and Regulations of the Ghana Football Association.

The Panel has the power to impose or amend penalties as they deem appropriate. Official request to review a specific incident or incidents of concern are made on the prescribed Complaint Form and submitted to the General Secretary for further action.

Referees, assistant referees and officials concerned, are always given the opportunity to explain their decisions on incidents that come up for Review.