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Dormaa Unity FC Clinches BARFA Division Two League Title 

1 month ago

In a stunning display of dominance, Dormaa Unity FC has emerged victorious in the BARFA Division Two League for the 2023/24 season, securing the title unbeaten.

The club's remarkable journey to the top saw them triumph in all their Zonal matches, demonstrating their prowess early in the competition.

Highlighting their resilience and skill, Dormaa Unity FC navigated through the middle league phase with notable victories against formidable opponents such as Top Talent and Feyenoord Youth FC.

Despite facing a setback against Nsuatre FC, their path to victory was reaffirmed when Nsuatre FC was penalized for fielding ineligible players, resulting in a decisive 3-0 win awarded to Dormaa Unity FC. This pivotal ruling ultimately solidified their unbeaten status and underscored their claim to the league title.

Established in 2008, Dormaa Unity FC has steadily risen through the ranks of the BARFA Division Two League, culminating in this historic achievement.

The club's dedication and commitment to excellence has not only earned them recognition but also secured their promotion to the prestigious Division One League, marking a significant milestone in their sporting journey.

As Dormaa Unity FC celebrates their well-deserved success, anticipation builds for their future endeavors in higher competitions, where they aim to continue their legacy of triumph and sportsmanship.

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