Domestic Club Licencing process for 2023/24 season open

10 months ago

The Club Licensing Department has opened the application process for domestic clubs to apply for License to participate in the 2023/24 competitions.

In line with the GFA Club Licensing Regulations, all clubs who intend to participate in any of the elite competitions of the GFA MUST apply and be assessed before been granted a legal license to participate in any of the GFA competitions.

In view of this, Premier League Clubs, Division One League and Women’s League Clubs have been invited by the Club Licensing Department to apply for a license to participate in the competitions of the GFA for 2023/24 season.

An official invitation and timetable have been sent to the clubs together with the relevant requirements. The process shall be assessed via the online platform for the two top tier men’s competitions this year as part of the implementation of the CAF online platform.

The department shall from Wednesday July 12, 2023 to Saturday July 15,2023 organize a workshop and orientation for the all clubs.

Below is the official time table of the 2023/24 club licensing process;