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Disciplinary Committee extends D'International's Michael Acquah's suspension

8 years ago

The GFA Disciplinary Committee has extended the suspension handed to D’International player Michael Acquah in respect of their GN Bank Division One League match against Kotoku Royals at Tema.

PANEL 1. Prosper Harrison Addo, Esq. - Chairman 2. Godfred Dame, Esq. - Vice-Chairman 3. W.O.1 J. W. Amoo - Member 4. Godsway Glah - Member

Emmanuel Newton Dasoberi - Secretary

THE CHARGE Michael Acquah, a player of D’International FC, was charged for a breach of Articles 35(7)(d) and 35(9) of the GFA General Regulations in respect of the GN Bank Division One League match between D’International FC and Kotoku Royals FC played at Akim-Takyiman. It was alleged that on or about the 89th minute of the match, Michael Acquah, a player of D’International FC, bit Stephen Amankwa, a player of Kotoku Royals FC in violation of the GFA Regulations.

DEFENCE Michael Acquah in his Written Statement of Defence pleaded not guilty to the charge and waived his right to personal hearing.

PROCEEDINGS AND FINDINGS The Committee examined the depositions in the Charge Sheet, the written Statement of Defence and the reports of the match officials of the said match.

In his Statement of Defence, Michael Acquah, a player of D’International FC, stated that: “I deny all the charges preferred against me. I also deny violating the GFA General Regulations in respect of the above mentioned match. The fact is that on that faithful day, I crushed into the said player when we were both struggling for an aerial ball and even got injured in the process. The player then rushed and punched me, sensing that he may be sent off by the referee he started to dramatize the incident to make it look as if I was the culprit and in the process alleged that I bit him. The referee was unfortunately persuaded by the player’s antics and drama resulting in sending me off. The player hitting me was an off the ball incident and I’m sure the referee didn’t see what happened. He should have consulted his assistants. I plead that the matter be properly investigated and the player punished. I also plead that the resulting red card be cancelled.”

However, the Committee, after examining the evidence from both the GFA Prosecutor and Michael Acquah, was clear in its findings and position that the player has committed the act and the regulations do not allow the alleged behaviour. Michael Acquah defence could not convince the Committee to reject the facts as contained in the official match reports. The Committee holds that it will side with Article 85 of the Disciplinary Code on the facts stated in the match reports as Michael Acquah failed to disprove the facts of the match report.

The Disciplinary Committee was satisfied with the evidence before it that the conduct of the Michael Acquah amounts to misconduct and a breach of the regulations of the GFA and shall accordingly apply the necessary sanction against Michael Acquah in this respect. The Committee takes judicial notice of the fact that the player was shown the red card for the offence and is serving suspension for that.


The Disciplinary Committee makes the following decisions:

1. That the Committee, having satisfied itself that the evidence adduced before it supports the charge of misconduct against Michael Acquah, hereby extends the suspensions on Michael Acquah for his expulsion for four (4) more matches for his misconduct in accordance with Articles 39(1)(a) of the General Regulations of the GFA.

2. That should any party be dissatisfied with or aggrieved by this Ruling, the party has within three (3) days of being notified of this Ruling to appeal to the Appeals Committee (See Article 37(11) of the General Regulations of the GFA).