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Disciplinary Committee dismisses charges against Kotoku Royals

8 years ago

The GFA Disciplinary Committee has dismissed charges against Kotoku Royals in relation to their GN Bank Division One League match against Nania played in Akim Oda.

PANEL 1. Prosper Harrison Addo, Esq. - Chairman 2. Godfred Dame, Esq. - Vice-Chairman 3. W.O.1 J.W. Amoo - Member 4. Godsway Glah - Member

Emmanuel Newton Dasoberi - Secretary

IN ATTENDANCE Raphael Tottimeh - GFA Prosecutor

THE CHARGE Kotoku Royals FC was charged with one count of misconduct with regards to the GN Bank Division One League match between Kotoku Royals FC and Nania FC played at Akim Oda.

It was alleged that at the pre-match technical meeting of the match, Kotoku Royal FC objected to the coverage of the match by the GFA Camera and because the Match Commissioner insisted that the cameraman shall be allowed to undertake the coverage, both the Match Commissioner and the GFA cameraman were told by the club that their safety cannot be guaranteed by the home team and as such the match was played without the Match Commissioner and the GFA Cameraman in violation of the for a breach of Article 35(1)(c), 35(2), 35(10) of the GFA General Regulations and Article 66 of the GFA Disciplinary Code.

DEFENCE Kotoku Royals FC pleaded not guilty to the charge and requested for a personal hearing to defend the charge against the club.

PROCEEDINGS AND FINDINGS Kotoku Royals FC explained that its supporters did not misconduct themselves at the match. Kotoku Royals FC stated that all issues raised at the pre-match technical meeting were resolved and the Match Commissioner and the Cameraman were taken to their hotel. According to the club, no one heard any compliant from the two men until their absence from the match was noticed.

The prosecution urged the Committee to side with the facts on the match reports in accordance with Article 85 of the Disciplinary Code as evidence in support.

However, on this particular occasion, after reviewing the evidence, the Committee is satisfied with the evidence before it that the incident, if any, was not caused by the supporters of Kotoku Royals FC and therefore the charge of misconduct brought against the club cannot hold.


The Disciplinary Committee having satisfied itself that the evidence adduced before it does not support the charge of misconduct against Kotoku Royals FC, hereby dismisses the charge against Kotoku Royals FC.