DC suspends Faisal's Grunzah

14 years ago

The Ghana Football Association's Disciplinary Committee has handed King Faisal founder, Alhaji Abdul Karim Gruzah, a six month ban for acts of misconduct during the 2006/7 Premier League.

The six month's suspension on the King Faisal founder takes immediate effect.

In accordance with Article 39(1) (a) of the GFA regulations means that Alhaji Gruzah will have to stay away from all football related activities with immediate effect.

Grunzah was found overwhelming and cumulative evidence to support charges of misconduct based on reports submitted to the Disciplinary Committee by officials who handled the 18th week league game against Kumasi Asante Kotoko.

"All three match reports submitted by the officials were explicit that Alhaji Gruzah exhibited behavioural traits which constitutes misconduct," the decision read.

It explained that misconduct, according to Article 39 (7)(a) of the GFA regulations means threat of death or harm or improper or ungentleman behaviour or any act that has the effect of putting the game of football into disrepute.

The Disciplinary Committee said Alhaji Gruzah also failed to prove charges of incompetence that he levelled against Referee Reginald Lathbrige and that there is no evidence that the Match Commissioner wrote untruths about the King Faisal boss.

It said Alhaji Gruzah admitted before the Committee that he approached the match commissioner's table to complain about the Referee's handling of the match, which in itself is an unacceptable practice from one who is not on the bench.