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Club Licensing requirements for Division One League Clubs

6 years ago

The Division One League Board wishes to inform all Division One clubs that the Club Licensing requirements will be enforced in the coming season.

Below are the requirements for the Club licensing regulations as stipulated in Article 15 &16 of the GFA Regulations:


15.1 Legal Identity a. Every member of the association, for the avoidance of doubt, shall register with the Registrar General’s Department as company limited by guarantee or share.

b. The objective is to secure for the member legally binding privileges and responsibilities conferred by the Companies Code.

c. To enable prospective investors ascertain the true owner and value of the club

d. To ensure that clubs are managed as going concerns and as business entities

e. Promote stability and flexibility in trade and exchange of costs and benefits associated with marketing of players

f. To secure creditor protection and debtor rehabilitation.

15.2 ADMINISTRATIVE/TECHNICAL PERSONNEL AND FACILITIES a. It shall be minimum requirement for license applicants wishing to participate in Division One league

15.3 CLUB MANAGER a. License applicant shall designate one person as Club Manager b. The Club Manager shall manage the day to day business of the applicant c. The Club Manager shall carry out the affairs of the applicant from a recognized office with fixed address, telephone/fax numbers and mail address

15.4 TREASURER The member shall employ the services of a treasurer who shall assist in bookkeeping and preparation of financial statements

15.5 AUDITOR The member shall retain the services of an auditor who will assist in the finalization of financial statements.

15.6 HEAD COACH a. The license applicant shall employ a Head Coach with minimum CAF license C in the case of Division One clubs and any other GFA license in the case of Division Two clubs and below.

b. No member shall employ the services of a coach who does not possess a license from the GFA.

15.7 MEDICAL SUPPORT a. License applicants playing in the Division One league shall obtain the services of qualified sports medical doctor on a contract basis.

b. The terms of the contract shall be referred to the GFA Medical Committee for approval

c. The license applicant playing in Division One shall employ the services of either a physical trainer or masseur

d. It shall be sufficient for license applicants playing in the second division and lower leagues to designate a medical officer who accepts to offer medical cover to the club on pro bono basis.

e. The GFA Medical Committee shall maintain a register of all medical practitioners offering services to license applicants.

15.8 INFRASTRUCTURE License applicants shall own or contract the use of playing and training field as match venue. The dimensions of the facilities shall conform to minimum stipulated in the regulations. The facilities shall provide sanitary facilities, and seating for dignitaries. The facilities shall be safe and secure and it shall be the responsibility of the license applicant to ensure security.

Article16 These regulations were adopted by the GFA Congress of 27th September, 2012, and comes into force as per the time table below;

TIME TABLE FOR IMPLEMENTATION A) CAF Inter-Clubs Competitions –effective January 2013 B) Domestic League; Division One 2012- Awareness 2013/14 – Legal 2014/15 – Infrastructure, Human Resources and Personnel 2015/16 – Sporting & Financial