Black Princesses Technical Advisor expects players to finish Group stage on a high

1 year ago

Technical Advisor of the Black Princesses, Nora Hauptle is optimistic of the team putting up a good performance in their last Group D match against the Netherlands after losing to USA and Japan.

She talks about performance and pressure on the team in their final group game.

On pressure and progress of the team

Pressure is part of our football life especially in the World Cup. I think there is a progression from the France friendly to the USA game and Japan. We couldn’t get the goal from the Japan match and they scored two penalty goals. We scored a goal but it was ruled offside and so we see our progression.

On fighting until the last minute

We work on our performance and we know that in the last game anything can happen so we focus on our performance and it is rising so we can take the momentum and in soccer, everything is possible. We will fight until the last minute considering the fact that we have one of the toughest groups but until the last minute, we believe that it is possible.

On adapting to high level football

When we came to Europe for our friendly against France, we felt how it feels to play games on a high world class level and so we needed to adapt in the defense against a good opponent, and we are finding the solutions.

On players taking their chances

In our last game against Japan, we had the biggest chance in the first half and we are not there yet but close to the transition moments and make sure we utilize our chances.

The Black Princesses will play the Netherlands in their last Group D match at the Estadio Nacional De Costa Rica on Wednesday, August 17, at 22:00 GMT.