Ghana mourns former star

Former Ghana international, Mama Musah - Mamah "Bomber" Acquah has passed away after a short illness in the United States.

Mamah Acquah, died on Monday August 28 at Roosevent Hospital in Manhattan, NY in the United states.

His wife was at his bedside.

Mamah Acquah, the anchor of the great Accra Hearts of Oak team of the late 1970's played alongside, Mohammed Polo, Peter Lamptey, Robert Hammond and Anas Seidu.

This set of players including Mamah Acquah were named: "The fearsome fivesome" back in the day.

The former national star had been living in the United States for many years.

He left for the U.S during the formation of the United States soccer team called Cosmos, which also included Brazilian soccer great; Pele.

He is survived by a wife and three children and two grand children.

He will be buried on Thusrday 31st August, after funeral prayers at Yankasa Masjid, 1707 Townsend Avenue in the Bronx.

May His Soul Rest In Peace!

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